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Dear NRRE Friends & Clients,      Between baby and business, its been a minute since I've had a chance to write so I'm excited to finally share with you some new updates! Exciting Update #1: NRRE Team Has Upgraded to the 3.0 VersionNRRE has added two new rock stars to the team!  Pictured above, Kami (left) has filled the role of our Admin Exec and Ryan (right) has filled the role of my Right Hand Broker.  Together we have been working assiduously to bring our clients' experience to a whole new level.  We call it a 3.0upgrade because 2.0 just doesn't capture all the progress we've made since last year AND because there are now officially three of us on the team.  While I am still regularly recruiting new agents and helping them to become successful in the industry, I have decided to concentrate the best of my efforts on our core nucleus!  Exciting Update #2: NRRE Awarded 100 Most Influential Agents Second Consecutive Year, Awarded 10% Top Producing Agent 2016, & On Track to Reach Top 1% in Chicago for 2017I hope that you realize that you are a huge part of the reason we are doing so well!  Where would we be without our faithful friends and clients?  We thank you so much for your business and referrals, and we would like to ask you to continual to help us reach our goal to become the top 1% realtors in all of Chicago!  How can you do that?  Simply by referring the people you know who may be looking to buy or sell in Chicago, and we will take great care of them :)                              ​

Our #1 Andersonville Neighborhood Restaurant Pick

Off the beaten path from the usual iconic Michelin-starred sluggers, you may stumble upon the 7th hottest neighborhood in the nation: Andersonville - a quaint and charming destination for foodies of all shapes and sizes. It’s not for nothing that Andersonville has become such a buzz in the real estate world, and it’s fair share of quality restaurants has definitely played a role in getting this north side gem into the national spot light.

Come and get 'em on the westside

Where does one go in Chicago to achieve a solid return on their investment? Prices
have hiked up in the most illustrious neighborhoods leaving very little meat on the bones for investors.